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Embryonic Stem Cells

Who We Are


We’re a young and talented group of scientists and innovators pursuing groundbreaking ideas designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. At Inspira, we have a relentless focus on what is possible, we thrive on experimentation and collaboration, and we embrace ideas that break with convention. Contact us today for more information or a press pack.

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Our Technology

Our research centres on identifying and evaluating novel molecules from natural products that have the potential to become high-impact therapeutic products. 

In 2022 we were selected for a research grant from Innovate UK, the UK's main research funding body. This co-financed project is focussed on proof-of-concept research to test novel molecules against bacterial infections. Our research focusses on the identifying therapies which have application to bacterial respiratory tract infections. Results so far have been very encouraging and we are excited to be rapidly advancing this research.

About: Our Technology
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